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About us

Locally owned for over 40 years, Paper Caper has earned its status as a staple in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding communities. Passed from generation to generation, family to family, this small business has wrapped your wedding gift, influenced your Christmas list, and assembled your balloon bouquets with pride. Paper Caper is a party, gift, and what we consider an “everything” store that delivers unique and trendy merchandise from all over.

Paper Caper’s sister store, Village Cheer, is located in the heart of Multnomah Village, a charming neighborhood on the southwest side of the city. This boutique offers a variety of balloons, cards, party supplies, apparel for you and your little one, and so much more. There’s something for everyone. 

These locations are owned and managed by a local family, who has cultivated knowledge of the business for over twenty years. Our buyer crafts one-of-a-kind collections to inspire - or go home in a Village Cheer gift bag. Our manager spends the mornings crunching numbers for payroll and finalizing the purchase orders as new products come in.

Though a brick and mortar boutique business, we are looking to share some of our favorite goods - and cheer - with you.